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I chose my website’s name “Dorart” to honour the memory of my grandmother, “Dora” (Teodorina Motoc). She insisted I also had the word “Dor” (Romanian word for “Longing“) in one of my first names, Dorina.

My name is Carmen-Dorina Popa, born “Dragomir”, and I was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 1979.

I registered myself as DorArt” – eenmanszaak – at the Kamer van Koophandel, Eindhoven, since August 21st, 2013.

I am also interested in selling and/or exibiting my art works in art galleries and museums worldwide.

My projects and works include the following:
PC Graphics
Art workshops

My “Art Workshops for All Agesproject is meant to make art in general, and painting in particular, more accessible, meaningful and more fun for everybody. Whether it is for a bachelorette party or a baby shower, you name it and I will prepare something special to you and your friends. See details about these projects here.

Contact languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Romanian



March 2017
“My Friesian Creative Process, Potential Motion and Message”
presentation and painting workshop for Grade 2 students at International School Utrecht

February 2017
“My Creative Process from Cradle to Cradle Song”
interactive presentation for Grade 5 students at International School Utrecht

December 2016 – January 2017
“Between Start & Forever”
personal sculpture exhibition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

September 2016
Traditional Romanian Wedding Accessories – beaded embroidery:
The traditional belt can match almost any outfit, accentuating your waistline either in a traditional Romanian blouse (“ie”) or an evening dress:
I made all these accessories by hand, therefore I can customize them according to your wishes in a variety of motives, colors and sizes, according to your order. If interested please do not hesitate to contact me at:

September 2016
Wedding Table Number – PC graphics design including my original drawing:


April 2016
20 Years Jubileum Lenticular Panel – Photo’s & PC Graphics
20 jaar jubileum Topic Embedded Systems
20 jears TES_01

March 2016
Topic MedIA Logo – PC Graphics
– ordered by Topic Embedded Projects, Best, The Netherlands

DorArt_vectorial meDIA_03_op puzzel_expandedDorArt_vectorial meDIA_03_expanded


February – April 2016
Embedded World 2016, Neurenberg, Germany – Photo’s & PC Graphics
– ordered by Topic Embedded Products B.V., Best, The Netherlands

TEP Our Products paneel 2016
Topic Embedded Products 2016_hangende paneel_02Embedded World 2016-Neurenberg,Germany.3



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7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Felicitari pentru ceea ce ai reusit pina acum, iti doresc mult, mult bine si sa ajungi cunoscuta in toata lumea, pentru ca o meriti cu asupra de masura !

  2. Salutari calduroase de la Cluj
    Esti super creativa ca de obicei. Mi-a placut panoul de reclama pentru ranch, este superb si ca realizare tehnica si din punct de vedere artistic. Este CALITATE la cel mai inalt nivel.
    Pozele cu cai dau dovada de talent fotografic pe care sper ca il vei exersa mai des pentru a ne incanta cu lucruri deosebite.
    Iti dorim mult succes!!!
    Nicu si Diana Deac

    • Draga Carla,

      Ma bucur tare mult ca-ti plac! Si tu ai talent la desen si eu cred ca merita sa te bucuri de ceea ce-ti place ori de cate ori ai ocazia: un calut, o floare, portretul cuiva drag, orice iti bucura ochii si sufletul.
      Cu drag,

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