My Working Experience

August 2013 – present time
DorArt – eenmanszaak
– I registered myself as an “one person company” in order to be able to work in Holland as graphic designer and artist.

December 2010 – November 2011
Art Director
SC OPTILENS MED SRL, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
– this title came as a recognition of my artistic and organisational skills put into action along the almost seven years of intense work for the Optilens Clinic in advertising and a wide range of administrative tasks.

January 2009 – November 2011
Responsible for the ALLEGRETTO WaveEye Q Excimer Laser System
SC OPTILENS MED SRL, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • performing the monthly and daily tests and required callibrations: Micrometer, EyeTracker, Fluence, Scanner tests, Energy Check, Gas Change;
  • introducing patients data into the laser’s notebook and verifying it with the surgeon;
  • adjusting lights and controls throughout the surgery by operating the laser’s notebook and control panel;
  • assisting surgeons in performing the Define Center procedure in cases where the patient’s visual axis does not match the pupil’s geometrical center;
  • giving indications to patients according to each surgery phase;
  • creating and completing additional archive reports as my personal evidence of energy values evolution, service interventions, consumable requirements and managing errors;
  • supervising the device’s safety cleaning: I realised that even the tiniest aspect matters, I was very fond of that performant machine, being a technological wonder for me that needed proper care and maintenance;
  • maintaining the relationship with the Service Department;
  • ordering consumables;
  • training replacement personnel to operate the laser system.

March 2008 – November 2010
PC Operator
SC OPTILENS MED SRL, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • PC graphics for advertising: posters, digital banners displayed throughout the cities of the company’s branch offices;
  • interior and exterior advertising design for all branch offices;
  • designing the interface of the Optilens’s official website ( and updating the information in it according to the Clinic’s profile and needs;
  • PC graphics and posters for medical congresses, Power Point English presentations for doctors;
  • managing both the Clinic’s e-mail account and some doctors’ personal e-mail accounts:
  • national and international orders;
  • patients’ appointments and messages;
  • personal messages and orders for doctors;
  • updating price lists and programming the Euro 500T Handy cash register;
  • offering direct or telephonic basic software and hardware support to my colleagues;
  • organising orders, merchandise arrivals and anouncing both doctors and patients;
  • preparing and sending the documentation required by Customs Services or other officials;
  • maintaining the relationship with the National and Districtual Health Care Insurance Offices;
  • medical devices and sick leaves monthly reports;
  • specifying and verifying the digital observation sheets system, designing the software’s logo (“MedXline”) and training the Clinic’s personnel involved;
  • operating the Allegretto WaveEye Q Excimer Laser System;
  • operating the Topcon DC-3 Slit Lamp: photographing and filming particular medical cases in order to highlight disease aspects and prepare presentations material;
  • creating a short version accessible user manual with my own photos and PC graphics;
  • translations (English, Italian, French).

November 2004 – February 2008
Secretary & Cashier
SC OPTILENS MED SRL, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • front desk public relations;
  • basic accounting;
  • managing the archive;
  • occasional PC graphics.

August – September 2004
Secretary & Designer
ALIRIA.NET, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • translator (English, Italian);
  • administrative responsabilities (business contacts, real estate contracts);
  • advertising design (Macromedia Freehand, Italian Version).

September – December 2003
Sales Manager
SOFTEXPRESS, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • PR and administrative responsabilities;
  • searching for potential clients, major companies interested in monitoring software;
  • setting up the business plan;
  • obtaining and managing interviews with general managers;
  • professional software logo design  – “Activ Monitor 2”, “Phone Mon”.

January 2003
The SOLARIS Hostel,  Cluj-Napoca, Romania
– personalised advertising brochure and visit cards

This was my first independent contract that highlighted my photography and PC graphics skills. I used my own photographs and designed the brochure, having full freedom of choice that resulted in a successful project.

August 2003
ROXER  COLORAMA Print Shop, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • DTP,  printing, copying;
  • advertising design.

I joined this team for a short period of time to take a glimpse of working in advertising design, having direct interaction with various people and bussiness clients. Among others, I had the chance of learning and using professional design software, as Corel Draw, that I perfected later on. It was an interesting and useful experience, that also made me realise that I could do even more to perfect my PC graphics skills.

2001- 2006
The “Top Gun” National Magazine

  • articles on paragliding learning and safety, published monthly;
  • PC graphics using my own photographs.

Paragliding was a new sport in Romania. As part of my paragliding instructor activity, my articles were meant to save the lives and prevent the accidents of many people enjoying flying across the country who had not enough preparation for this sport. I used my PC graphics skills to better illustrate the various techniques of safe flying, knowing its visual impact and understanding ease.

2001- 2002
Student trainee in Art Teaching
The Sight Deficiencies General School, 5th and 6th Grades, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • overcoming the pupils’ technical and psychological difficulties through plastic art educational experiments;
  • creativity, educational playing, empathic communication.

My artistic background made me appreciate sight and good vision as one of the most precious gifts from God.
By helping blind or almost blind children see through art, with their hands and using their imagination under my guidance, I considered myself becoming not only a better artist and teacher, but also a better human being.
These children were not only experiencing severe sight problems or even blindness, but they also came from desorganized families that lead to difficult behaviour. I went beyond all these problems and captured their attention using playful artistic experiments to make them feel free and capable of overcoming their condition. I used different materials to challenge all their senses, including soft and hard materials and the thermal metamorphosis of polyurethane foam. Children evolved from skepticism to enthusiasm.
My psychological and teaching skills made me obtain best results out of the most difficult children. Other teachers were tempted to menace the unobedient children with punishments, while I succedeed in getting very nice and interesting works, completing my job and going home surrounded by coloured baloons painted by the most difficult children with smiley faces.


1996 – 1998          licensed glider pilot
1998 – 2006          paraglider pilot
2001 – 2006          paragliding instructor


1999 – 2003
The University of Plastic Arts and Design,  Cluj-Napoca
The Sculpture Department

  • valedictorian;
  • awarded with the “Alumni Universitas Artium Napocensis” Excellency Diploma;
  • diploma art work in sculpture/ambient design: “Cradle Song“;
  • theoretical disciplines: Art History, Anatomy, Aestetics, Semiology, Pedagogy, English Language.

1994 – 1998
The “Romulus Ladea” Plastic Arts Highschool, Cluj-Napoca
– degree in Advertising Graphics


The International English and Literature Correspondence Courses: “World English School” and “World Bible School”, Prof. Beverly Mayberry, Arkansas, USA


Mother tongue: Romanian
Other languages:

  • English and Italian (advanced)
  • French, Dutch (middle level)
  • German and Spanish (beginner)

I was told I had a native talent for foreign languages, always looking for learning more.
In all my working places I was solicited both for translating several documents and communicating with foreigners that appreciated my correct writing, fluent speaking and lack of Romanian accent.

Social skills and competences

  • They have been fully revealed and developed throughout the years on my position as a trainee art teacher, paragliding instructor and Art Director;
  • I joined the Administrative Director of Optilens in recruting new sales personnel for one of company’s fellow offices.

Organisational skills and competences

  • organising and constant improvement of the Optilens Clinic’s archive;
  • monitoring the branch offices in terms of advertising, official documents, consumables;
  • maintaining a constant relationship with merchandise and services providers and suppliers, organising interviews and asking for price offers.

Technical skills and competences

  • Being designated to learn and use the Topcon DC-3 Slit Lamp, I helped doctors in obtaining and organising medical imaging of various disease cases. I perfected an accesible user manual, with my personal photos and PC graphics, often assisting the members of the Clinic’s personnel: doctors, nurses.
  • I learned and performed the programming of the Euro 500T Handy cash register, updating it according to the Clinic’s services, price list and operators, also providing technical online assistance to my colleagues working in branch offices.
  • I helped specifying and verifying the MedXline digital observation sheets system according to the staff’s requirements (doctors, nurses, secretaries) and have been in charge with their training in using the software and hardware efficiently.
  • I was in charge with the proper functioning of the ALLEGRETTO WaveEye Q Excimer Laser System, performing the necessary tests, assisting doctors throughout the surgeries and training replacement personnel.

Artistic skills and competences

  • They are widely illustrated in my portfolio, throughout this website;
  • My work as a PC operator and later Art Director convinced my Managers to invest in professional software and create my own department that sustained the company’s independent advertising activity;
  • I like using my own photographs and use my creativity in all possible domains: PC graphics, advertising, interior and exterior design, sculpture, painting, landscaping, etc.
  • My fragile appearance contradicts my inner strength that made me face the challenges of Sculpture and obtain best results. Taking famous artists as inspiring models, as Michelangelo, Brancusi, Calder or Rodin, I enjoyed complete freedom of choice in three dimensional materializations of my passion. My sculptures include a wide range of materials and techniques: wood, marble, bronze, and the unconventional cane, corn husk, wood ashes, tinder, polyurethane foam, wire nets, rope, seeds, tooth sticks, etc;
  • I have painted several works in oil on canvas, cardboard, glass and ostrich eggs. My favorite kind of painting lies at the border between Realism and Impressionism, merging Figurative and Abstract according to my feelings towards the subject. Colour revealed by gesture is pure emotion, a synesthesic bridge from my heart to the viewer.
  • I have used PC graphics not only to fulfill my professional tasks, but also to reveal multiple choices in interior design. I designed my own flat and some others’, improving the general existing aspect, also designing and manufacturing several ornaments to warm up and personalise the ambiance;
  • I put passion in everything I do, leaving little place for compromises, no matter the time and effort involved. I like working with people and making my art a bridge to their souls.


  • Adobe: Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC;
  • Corel Draw 15.0;
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point;
  • SIUI-DISP, SIUI-CM (medical devices and sick leave reports);
  • Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Windows Movie Maker.


  • personal: sociable, having sense of humour, communicative, dynamic, balanced.
  • profesional: punctuality, team spirit, organisational skills, creativity, esthetic sense, perseverance, perfectionism.

HOBBIES:  music, animation movies, bothanics, sewing

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