The Fallen Angels Cycle, 2000

Earth Hurts Me” – a reminder of the native American Indians’ land loss

“Earth Hurts Me”, 2000


Thinker” – “I flew enough to understand the lust for freedom and I understood it even better when somebody or someone kept me on the ground”

“Thinker”, 2000

“Remorse”, 2000

“Take Me Back”, 2000


The Evening Star

“The Evening Star”, 2000

“A canopy of stars below,
Above, a starry dome:
An endless lightning seemed to flow
And through the heavens roam […]

For there is naught, yet it is there
A thirst that draws him on,
A depth that lingers, like the snare
Of blind oblivion…”

from “The Legend of the Evening Star” written in 1833 by the great Romanian poet,
Mihai Eminescu and translated by Adrian G. Sahlean.


“Lucifer”, 2000, 200 x 70 cm.


“Lucifer” – preliminary sketches for stainless steel & stone projects, 2000

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