Faith, 2015

I gathered inspiration for creating this painting with the courtesy of the Demro Stables in Mierlo, The Netherlands.

oil painting on a premium 3D linen canvas
– dimensions: 500mm x 1000mm x 40mm (depth)

6203_3D display




And made up a fairytale in order to go beyond the beauty of the subject.
It is the journey of a soul through life, having no fear of darkness and shining with faith.

The city of light is home, the place where you first believed and prayed. No matter how far, faith follows:IMG_6159-2

The Fresian Pegasus embodies the guiding angel, sharing wings, soothing presence, always there:IMG_6242



The Fresian eye – no matter how dark, mirroring blue skies and sunlight in its kind soul:

The swallow is the soul, sent even farther into its journey of light:IMG_6217


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4 thoughts on “Faith, 2015

  1. Draga Puiule
    Este superb tabloul. M-am uitat si pe bucati si nu am reusit sa spun ce parte este mai frumoasa. Toate in ansamblu sunt frumoase si fiecare in parte. Calul este maiestuos, fetita este blanda si frumoasa, orasul este misterios, randunica este ca o fulgerare de gand, tot ansamblul are “ceva” ce te cucereste.
    Imi doresc sa pictezi cat mai multe tablouri care sa ne bucure sufletele.

  2. Absolutely amazing, one of your most beautiful works so far! I really love it! I am sure the owners of the painting won’t know what to say as I expect them to be astonished, I would be 😉

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