Ladybugs Cakes, 2015

These ladybugs cakes, one of fondant, and the other of diapers, were meant to surprise one of my friends expecting a baby girl:

IMG_2274            IMG_2218

1. The ladybug fondant cake:

I have always loved ladybugs, yet this is the first cake depicting them, also my first fondant cake, as a present for one of my friends’ babyshower party.

My decorating style is cartoonish, inspired by the curvy and funny Lilo & Stitch animation. I’m also a huge fan of Sachiko Windbiel‘s fondant creations I found on her website.


IMG_2260 IMG_2262  IMG_2254


Once the kid was ready, her parents joined her on the cake:IMG_2328 IMG_2326 IMG_2324 IMG_2322 IMG_2321 IMG_2317 IMG_2316 IMG_2297 IMG_2282 IMG_2281 IMG_2274


2. The ladybug diaper cake:

In addition to this fondant cake, I have also designed a ladybug diaper cake to match the theme, then enjoyed constructing it together with a friend, so this is the final result:


Although I like the classical three-layered diaper cakes, this time I wanted it to be unique – a ladybug sculpture.



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