Oakling birthday chocolate cake, December 2019


Ladybug fondant cake, 2015IMG_2274

Ladybug diaper cake, 2015IMG_2221'

“Lightning McQueen” cake, 2008

Inspired by Disney’s animated hero, Lightning McQueen from “Cars”, this cake was a little boy’s wish come true for his 3-year birthday anniversary.
Being a huge Disney fan myself, I think I enjoyed making this cake as much as the kids liked to watch it, and everybody else to eat it.

Eye cake, 2007

One might think I have an obsession with eyes, but since I worked in an ophthalmologic clinic for so long, I thought I could make a pleasant surprise to my colleagues, on my birthday.
My oversized eye-shaped cake had even an internal alike structure, being described as full of surprises and delicious: beneath the kiwi iris layed the meringue crunchy lens, on top of the vitreous made out of Cola pudding, inviting everybody to an open cake surgery…

“The Fire Snake” cake, 2012

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Anniversary cake, 2012

Celebration cake, 2012

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