Different Occasions

September 2016
Wedding Table Numbers

– PC graphics laminated design including my favorite Frisian horse motive as a personal marker drawing.

– the black and white theme follows the Romanian Alba county tradition also matched by my handmade accessories and my flower combination choice. The flower arrangements were inspired and realized by Magnolia, Cluj-Napoca using my additional touch, the Christmas lights found at Action.

My special thanks to: Magnolia and Wonderland Cluj Resort, Cluj-Napoca


October 2014
House number 10 – carved, burned, treated, stained and painted oak wood.

Sometimes, some of the most common things need a bit of TLC in order to create a good impression right from your doorstep.huisnummer 2014


“Wishful Thinking”, 2007

Some tooth sticks, rope and deliciously perfumed seeds and spices were all it took me to make a Christmas and New Year’s Eve ornament, full of colour and aroma, a three dimensional painting.
It stands for the scented aroma of the kitchen around Christmas, and for the wishful thinking of prosperity in the year to come.

“Wishfull Thinking”, 2007


September 2009
Wedding Ornament
for Ramona & Cristian Dragus
Wedding ornament, 2009[/caption]


Wedding Table Numbers, 2009


Unconventional Materials, ”Owl, 2001
polyester, fiber glass & cigarettes remains, 10 cm.

Everything can be reused at some point, scraps can be beautiful if combined with care & imagination.
And besides this, it’s a lot of fun.Cigarettes Owl, 2001'



Unconventional Materials, ”Owl”, 2002
wood ashes, paper packaging, rope, polyester
47cm, 1,6 kg

I used wood carving leftovers from my workMandala”.
While carving the Mandala cherry and wallnut wood, I experienced the complete joy of a perfumed visual experience in close contact with the material, so its remains were not to be forgotten.

“Owl”, 2002

“Owl”, 2002

“Owl”, 2002

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