Traditional Romanian Wedding Accessories

I put a little bit of Romanian soul into my wedding decorations, or a little bit more… 🙂

They were inspired by a traditional Romanian cloth originated from the Alba county, sewn with black cotton on white. I transposed it into a beaded loom embroidery and used the model of both sides to reveal the beautiful and powerful duality of white and black, bride and groom, two halves of the same entity and soul joined together.

I made all these accessories by hand, therefore I can customize them according to your wishes in a variety of motives, colors and sizes, according to your order. If interested please do not hesitate to contact me at:

The belt shows the two sides joined together:

Having no additional belt material attached and weighing just 200 grams, it accommodates any shape, also blending in with any dress color through its partially transparent sections – the silver frosted beads in this case.

And its backside elastic laces ensure its forgiving nature 🙂

The same motive can “embrace” the wedding candles and the purse.

For the bride and groom candles I chose to split the motive accordingly into two small belts. Accompanied by the white flowers and dark Cordyline leaves from Magnolia, Cluj-Napoca, they complete the traditional black and white theme characteristic to the Alba county:

The two halves of the motive go along the two sides of the purse, being connected in between: Here is the “bride” side of the purse 🙂

A matching bracelet completes the look.
Based on Moe Neesam’s model (Ezeebeady), my bracelet follows the pattern of the traditional Romanian cloth along with the solar motive found on most wooden sculpted gates of Maramures, Transylvania. It’s like having a sun instead of a watch, with Swarovski crystals, hematites and Miyuki rocailles:

The traditional belt can match almost any outfit, accentuating your waistline either in a traditional Romanian blouse (“ie”) or an evening dress:

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