Art Workshops for All Ages

Sharing art and ancient traditions with both children and adults, along with modern works of art, fulfills my goal of making people happy through knowledge and creativity.

I’ve listed below all the events included in my “Art Workshop for All Ages” project:


March 2017 , International School Utrecht, The Netherlands – “My Friesian Creative Process” – presentation and painting workshop, Grade 2


February 2017 , International School Utrecht, The Netherlands – “My  Creative Process” – interactive presentation, Grade 5



March 2015 , Eindhoven, The Netherlands – “Love Gives Us Wings” painting bachelorette party



May 2014 , Achene, Belgium – “Frozen Butterflies”
birthday art workshop for kids



December 2012, Eindhoven“The Christmas Star”natural materials & polyurethane foam crafts



November 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Baby Shower Poster decoration for baby cradle


May-October 2012, Eindhoven “The Icon of St. Elijas”acrylic painting on glass



July 2012 , Eindhoven, The Netherlands – “All For One & One For All”painting bachelorette party



February 2013, Eindhoven“Maartjes voor mama”natural materials, textiles & beads



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