Painting Bachelorette Parties

Love Gives Us Wings – painting bachelorette party
March 2015, Eindhoven

I joined efforts with a team of talented ladies, “Carmen’s artistic girls” as they later called themselves, in order to surprise one of their friends who was about to get married.

It was a fun event, lots of work, yet lots of laughter, along with a sweet temptation, according to one of my mother’s cake recipes.

I chose the same heart-shaped symbol, joining nine 3D canvases through interlaced rope. Yet this time two butterflies come together and create one entity. colors proposition

That’s the beauty of love, isn’t it? Two separate entities becoming one, joining efforts, dreams and wings. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos:

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All For One & One For All – painting bachelorette party
July 2012, Eindhoven

It all started with someone’s request to do something special for her sister’s bachlorette party. Something coming straight from the heart, joining some of her best friends.

My goal was to find the right materials and create a fun experiment to match her idea. I assisted her in choosing unexpensive, yet effective painting tools, then I prepared the layout of a rope heart joining all canvases together. Each of the girls, including me, had to paint one of them, always related to the ones besides her own. It was teamwork and lots of fun.

I strongly believe in learning through playful experiments. Besides showing them basic rules of colours, composition and new painting techniques, I wanted them to experience colour as pure emotion revealed by free gestures.

In the everyday life, we all have to be carefull and go by the rules, so painting has to set us free, send us back into the worry-free childish state of mind where everything is more honest and spontaneous. Therefore, the future bride will admire not only a collective painting, but one piece of her friends’ hearts joined together.

I also tried to emphasize the duality of the Heart motive, as in marriage: two independend, yet symmetrical halves join together like the interlaced rope. All canvases are free, yet they match in this love puzzle, creating that invisible bond.

The pictures I took after painting was ready were meant to give them a glimpse of their happy and playful state of mind, to be remembered and treasured forever.

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