April 2015
Website header images – photos, drawing & PC graphics
– ordered by TOPIC Embedded Systems, Best, The Netherlands
TES_CARRIERE_+tekst voorbeeld

TES_Consultancy plaatje+ tekst voorbeeld_01

TES_Projects plaatje+ tekst voorbeeld_01


February 2014
“Dyplo” & “Miami” exhibition panels and software boxes – PC Graphics
– ordered by TOPIC Embedded Products B.V., Best, Nederland
– using both my previously created Dyplo image published in issue 85 of Xcell Journal, powered by Xilinx, and my logos, I designed these ~ 4 x 2m. banners meant to turn simple exhibition walls into 3D images that celebrate TOPIC’s products: “Dyplo” – DYnamic Process LOader, and the “MIAMI”- System on Module. I have also designed matching software boxes.

DYPLO exhibition panel, PC graphics, 2014

DYPLO software box

Miami beurswand_blauw

MIAMI software box_version 01

Miami beurswand_geel

MIAMI software box_version 02


“Winnaar” – digital poster
Photo and PC Graphics, January 2014


“The Dyplo Interface” – digital article pictures
PC Graphics, October 2013

ordered by TOPIC Embedded Systems B.V., Best, Nederland
published on October 28th, 2013, in Issue 85 of Xcell Journal, powered by Xilinx: 4 images (pages 54 – 56) accompanying the article “Tools of Xcellence – Middleware Turns Zynk SoC into Dynamically Reallocating Processing Platform”
– technical details related to these images are displayed on Topic’s website.

Dyplo image 01

Dyplo image 02

Dyplo image 03

Dyplo image 04


“TOPIC Groeit – iPad hardcase design & company identity image
photos & PC graphics, March 2013
ordered by TOPIC Embedded Systems B.V., Best, Nederland
– this design was meant to highlight the company’s successful projects, joined together in the cube-puzzle with the readable Qr-code, the idea of growth and innovative solutions that characterize TOPIC Embedded Systems B.V.


Digital Banner, PC graphics, 2011
Easter Greetings digital banner displayed in the Food Court of Polus Mall, Cluj, Romania

Who sais the Easter bunny doesn’t need glasses…?
I took the bunny image from the internet, then photographed a pair of childish glasses and personalized an Easter Greetings digital banner displayed in one of the city’s malls.


Slide in Promotional Digital Banner, Food Court of Polus Mall, Cluj-Napoca, 2011
photos & PC graphics
Meant to attract attention and deliver a promotional message in just a few seconds of display.


Advertising Digital Banner, photos & PC graphics, 2011
displayed for 6 months in the center of the city of Zalau, Romania


“A New Life With Excimer Laser” advertising banner photos & PC graphics, 2005


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