Artistic Compositions

In my grandmother’s memory, 2013
Photo and PC graphics


“Dani e lalea”, 2006 – photos & PC graphics

Every woman is a flower, they say…
So is Daniela, one of my former colleagues…

In Romanian, “lalea” stands for “tulip”, so…
Danielalea” means “Dani is a tulip”…
An image is not just an image…

“Dani e lalea”, 2006

one of my photos, “White Tulip”, 2006


“UFO”, 1997 – photos & PC graphics

“UFO”, 1997


“We DO eat everything that flies”, 1999 – PC graphics

“We DO eat everything that flies”, 1999


“In Memoriam of Razvan Caldare”, 2002 – PC graphics

One of my first PC works, as a tribute to one of my flying friends who perished in a paragliding accident…

“In Memoriam Razvan Caldare”, 2002


“A Dream In A Bottle”, 2006 – photos & PC graphics

“A Dream In A Bottle”, 2006


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