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Exterior Design –  photos, concept & PC graphics, 2014
Location: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Eindhoven is considered to be the greenest city in The Netherlands. And the High Tech Campus is, by far, an ideal place to work into: the high tech buildings are surrounded by green spaces; fire reserve lakes are full of all kinds of birds and swans; white and pink water lilies all over the place make the lakes look dreamy. And it is no surprise to occasionally encounter some wild ducks and pheasants walking by leisurely…

But some HTC employees took things even further and had the great initiative to create a flower and vegetable garden inside the campus, to offer everybody a place to exercise their “green fingers” – as the Dutch say – and relax during their lunch breaks.

My designs are meant to help them attract more attention upon the HTC garden.

I integrated the High Tech Campus initials into my designs in order to give them a personal touch.
DorArt design - HTC garden portal

DorArt design - HTC garden hanger


Interior Design, photos, concept, sculpture, PC graphics, 2014
Before and after
This was my initial stage design proposition that integrates my artwork “
Echoes” into my client’s livingroom, along with some other design touches that make the ambiance cosier.
before AND AFTER-Echoes, 2014


Concept, Photos & Exterior Design, 2011-2012
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

initial project_garden

My initial garden design, 2011

My garden design concept is based of the fact that every garden can be a miracle, no matter how small. Every patch of ground is worth using in the best way possible.

I designed this garden with flowy lines and organized it in such way to ensure both flowers and vegetables to have their spot, and also to make gardening more confortable through separate and reachable areas.


Before my design, 2011

garden design stage

Work in progress, 2012


My blackberry arch design, on the left fence, is made out of cheap electric pipes and wires. It offers a pleasant flowy counterbalance to the straight lines of the fence, and mirrors the curvature of the garden’s middle path. And beyond the design benefits, it encouraged the blackberry plant to grow and reinforce the whole structure, and give almost a kilo of fruit per day…yum!


Interior Design, photos, PC graphics & design, 2010
Before and after…
My design made a big difference in one of my colleagues’ living room.
I decided to warm up the atmosfere and add some luxury and style by painting the walls, redecorating the sofa and dining table and matching them with curtains, photos and PC graphics, highlighting the existing in one harmonious space.


…and after:

My next photo settles above the black glass dining table that I suggested in order to create the effect of a water mirror for the orchids.

I used the theme of orchids in harmony of white and green shades, also took the motive of the curtains and transformed it into musical rhythm.
The graphic composition with its right descending rhythm solved the aesthetical problem of the uneven ceiling.

click to enlarge photo

 Interior Design, PC graphics, 2010
I took every design challenge offered, creating a project for somebody’s kitchen, even without having professional dedicated software.
I tried to take in consideration both the limited space, working conditions and the client’s preferences (tiles to remain unchanged), also thinking of practical technical solutions to support a harmonious design.

Exterior Design, photos & PC graphics, 2008
I handled the advertising interior & exterior design for some of the company’s branch offices.
This included the necessary measurements, photos, PC graphics and supervision of the whole process in relation to the typographic company, making sure that everything was ready in time and according to my project.
click to enlarge photo

 Interior Design, 2006
– front office desk project for the Optilens Clinic, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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