IPware and Dsign professional logos
PC Graphics, December 2014 – February 2015
– ordered by TOPIC Embedded Products, Best, The NetherlandsIPware + Dsign logos
– matching the DYPLO-MIAMI-FLORIDA logos series:All logos transparent borders
TEP 3D logos


Code Change – Professional logo
PC Graphics, March 2014
– ordered by Mr. Kero van Gelder, owner of the Code Change software consultancy company

– based on an ancient Maori symbol, “Koru” (Maori for “loop”) – an unfolding fern that stands for “new life, growth, strength and peace”
– its meaning matches Code Change‘s work philosophy: “a combination of theory and practice to keep your software flexible, or make it flexible again, spiraling ever up



DYPLO, MIAMI & FLORIDA – Professional logos
PC Graphics, January 2014

ordered by TOPIC Embedded Systems B.V., Best, Nederland

– based on my previous project about the DYPLO interface, published in Issue 85 of Xcell Journal, powered by Xilinx
– puzzle pieces that match together and blend in on any background color.



Intertrade BoxProfessional Logo
PC graphics, 2011

logo & invoice for the INTERTRADE BOX Company, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


MedXline – Professional Software Logo
PC graphics, 2009

deriving from the company’s official logo, my design was meant to highlight the features of the MedXline digital sheets system software that has been implemented in the Optilens Private Ophthamological Clinic.
MedXline, 2009'


PhoneMon – Professional Software Logo
PC graphics, 2003

telephone lines monitoring system software for the SoftExpress company:
– desktop icon
– interface motive
– logo
– CD cover


Activ Monitor 2 – Professional Software Logo
PC graphics, 2003

one of my first software logo designs for the SoftExpress company.

Activ Monitor 2

Flying Logo, PC graphics 2002
ordered by the Romanian Airclub – The Warm Air Baloon Flying Department, destined to be sewn on flying costumes.

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