Frisian Horses

I recently had the chance to fulfill one of my dreams: seeing some Frisian horses and their foals up close and photograph them to get inspiration for my future paintings.

It was a privilege to witness their beauty in the fairytale surroundings of the Demro Stables in Mierlo, The Netherlands: wide, green and serene spaces, stables animated by lots of swallows flying and singing… and the horses, so magnificent forces of nature, yet so kind, even to strangers like me… and the fluffy and curly foals surrounding me eager to cuddle – the living proof of Demro’s dedicated people, of their passion beyond their business.

The Frisian horses are Dutch awesome works of art! And walking besides such a horse, pushing her head close to mine all the way – well, that was definitely on my “bucket list”. 🙂


Demro Stables, 2015





Hilvarenbeek, 2015





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