“Galaxy”, 2015


Autumn in Eersel, The Netherlands:

colors emerge from dirt, in static beings that seem to be on the verge of dancing, starfleet fighting, or just delicately flapping their fan instead…

"Dance", 2014

“Dance”, 2014

"Girl With Fan", 2014

“Girl With Fan”, 2014


"Gold Carrier", 2014

“Gold Carrier”, 2014


"Newborn", 2014

“Newborn”, 2014

"South Tower", 2014

“South Tower”, 2014

"Startrek", 2014

“Startrek”, 2014

"Waiting On The Shore", 2014

“Waiting On The Shore”, 2014


Less is More..

A sleepy new born “baby”, or some curious girls emerging from the grass are the living proof of a vivid world worth imortalising.

“Sleepy New Born Baby”, 2011

“Curious Girls”, 2011

“Metallic texture”, 2011

“Dragon’s Tail”, 2011

“Prothesis”, 2009

“Sleepy”, 2011

“Vanilla Icecream”, 2011

“Lady Prisoner”, 2006

"Hitchhiker", 2011

“Hitchhiker”, 2011

“Last Grip”, 2007

“Armor”, 2012

“Heart Print”, 2012

“Fall”, 2012

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