Echoes, 2014

oil painting on carved and burned european oak wood, along with some personal thoughts
– composition height & width: 155,5 x 260,5 cm

3 modules, 6 pieces


Echoes… is what they are,
And what they further generate,
Echoes of my heart,
Of your heart,
Of anybody’s dreams.

Waves of happiness,
Fiber rhythms,
Carved and alive,
Painted with passion,
And connected by light.


I designed and completed this artwork out of my passion for sculpture, flying and horses.

The oak wood’s warmth and versatility made it the perfect choice, also reminding me of my ancient roots. Its golden reflections and flowing veins inspired me the most. I took all the necessary time and effort to prepare the wood throughout several stages prior to the actual painting. This ensures both its durability and design quality.

Part fairytale, part reminder of an ancient treasure, “Echoes” follows my favourite art concept: potential motion. Inert shapes that seem to be on the verge of flapping their wings at any moment. Wood becomes waves. Waves of water, wind and fire. All three modules, weightless and connected through motion, like the motion of a horse’s hair into the wind.

It changes with light – I can’t decide which side of it I like best: flooded in sunlight, or shining like precious metals in artificial light.

Light also connects all modules, colors ascend from earthy fire to bright light. All shapes and colors dance in echoes, musical rhythms.

It reminded someone of an ancient fairytale – “Horses in waves”, which I was pleased to hear. I am happy to see that many people find a personal meaning in my Echoes.

I invite you to explore each module in all the details below, looking forward to your feedback.



Spring above…
where pure light rules, blue melts,
and dreams follow.
02_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 0105_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 01_detail 03 07_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 01_detail 05




Summer in between…
when sunshine gold melts like honey,
and hearts beat faster in the sky.

DorArt_Echoes 2014_module 02 detail (2)DorArt_Echoes 2014_module 02 detail (3)DorArt_Echoes 2014_module 02 detail (5)




Autumn bottom…
volcanic red,
simmered into earth and water.
13_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 03 14_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 03_detail 01   21_DorArt_Echoes finaal_deel 03_detail 08



Here below are some of the work stages involved:
17_DorArt_modul 3 faza timpurie_detaliu 2
21_DorArt_modul 3_cioplit+ars_detaliu 1'23_DorArt_modul 3_cioplit+ars_detaliu 2'


DorArt_modulul 01_lumina solaraDorArt_modulul 02_lumina solaraDorArt_modulul 03_lumina solara


02 spray horse_100dpi02 oil horse_100dpi


01_all stages in 1_150dpi


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4 thoughts on “Echoes, 2014

  1. M-ai impresionat.
    M-ai inaltat pe nori.
    Am fost rapit de caii norilor
    in inaltul cerului
    si apoi aruncat in Stejarul Primordial
    ca printr-o Poarta cu balamale descantate.
    Nu e plutire si nici vant,
    E zbor
    si Atemporal.
    E o visare?

    E ceva de vis.

  2. Sunt mândră de fiica mea. Îşi foloseşte talentul dat de Dumnezeu pentru a ne încânta privirea şi sufletul cu un lucru minunat. Bravo! Felicitări!

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