Icarus, 1999

plaster, wood, rope – 3,50 m. long, 1,70 m. high.
detachable in 3 pieces

…the attempt of surpassing human condition

Unlike the classical one, my Icarus, inspired by a hanglider harness, struggles to carry the weight of humanity’s most difficult dream – that of flying.

He doesn’t need any wings mounted, as his whole body transforms itsself  into a plane. The ladder feature of its tale suggests not only the inner plane-structure, but also the stages of human development in pursuit of universal dreams.

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I designed and manufactured this sculpture with 3 interlaced removable pieces that sustain each other without any nails. Just wood, plaster and rope combined in a traditional way that brings my Icarus closer to nature and universal tradition.

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The perfect display for it would be on a mountain top, on the edge of a steep cliff.

click to enlarge photo                                                 background photo by: Sebastian Popa

background photo by: Sebastian Popa

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