Mandala, wood & iron, 2002

forged iron, wallnut & cherry wood
220 x 220 x 95 cm, detachable in 16 pieces

A cinetic wooden sun-dial, that unlike the classical one, gives you the freedom of turning time back and forward.

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Each modular piece stands for one hour and holds two letters. No matter how you watch them, either from the sides or above, you can read the sequence that says:                        “ Z B O R   C A   V Â N T U L”, which means “I’m flying like the wind” in Romanian.



And time definitely flies like the wind.
By turning the wing-axis along with its shadow, you turn virtual time in both ways, becoming a counterpoint that defies the laws of nature.

Dreaming is everything and hope never dies.

In the tibethan culture, Mandala stands for the self introspection through concentric layers up to the essence of who you really are.

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My sculpture gives you the chance of finding out that you are more than what your limits tell you, above the elements displayed in the surrounding modules: the Organic (the growing Seed, the Snake, the Millipede), the Infinite Column, my tribute to Brâncusi, the Sound (violin), etc. The human spirit prevails through culture and deep understanding of life.


Mandala – Snake

Mandala – Egg

Mandala – Tree  &  Seed

Mandala – Infinite Column  &  Violin

I’ll always remember the delicious scent of the cherry wood in the modules, painted with fresh coffee and some little touches of blue, as if the sky has just melted. I enjoyed sculpting Mandala with all my senses, trying to reveal the natural, fresh beauty of wood.


Sculpture Sketch, ”Mandala”, 2002
coal, chalk and… coffee drawing
210 x 100 cm

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