Spring, 2015

a special gift to my mother

– acrylic painting on a 3D cotton canvas, 30 x 30cm
– the frame: burned, painted and stained wood, black metal bolts

– source of inspiration: a photo of a Frisian foal named “Yoi” by Hendrik Schulz
concept: “Spring” because of the springtime in a horse’s life, in a springtime landscape with falling petals instead of leaves.

I fell in love with this photo because it reminds me of the ancient Greek sculptures of Phidias, apart from the fact that I just love all foals and Frisian horses.

Hendrik Schulz’s photo:Yoi by Hendrik Schulz_18637722158_5908154305_o

My painting:IMG_3934IMG_3963IMG_3928IMG_3962IMG_3979IMG_3967IMG_3986IMG_3970

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