Inferno, 2000

unconventional materials: wood, tinder, foam – 1,50 m. tall
detachable in 3 pieces

…the silent metamorphosis of life into death inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s works of art.

…the contrast between appearance and essence. Wood and woman, symbols of life, dried out and turned into tinder, catching roots and stopping time evolution, projecting the prison of their own sins… Inferno.

Because Time has no sense in the absence of life, of humans that perceive it.

It’s not about women, it’s about humans.
It’s not the dramatic Inferno that comes in the end, it’s the silent Inferno that goes on in between, the one that strips humans of all justice, truth, faith, life, love, empathy, hope and humanity. All these and more would be available to make “Heaven on Earth”, yet humanity loves self-destruction more.
Some people still hope for a change. I pray for it.

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